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Simple Decorating Tips

Thank you to our friends from Metropolitan Staging


When staging a living room, we like to use a lot of light, bright neutrals and add in
texture with throw blankets and pillows for warmth.
Branches in a tall vase add height and color to the space while not blocking light from
the window.


In dining spaces, we use color to add a little drama and interest to the space.
We like to set tables to invoke the delightful anticipation of a dinner party with friends
and family.
The presence of polished silverware and the elegance of stemmed glassware add a
beautiful reflective quality to the table.


Bedrooms should feel cozy and inviting. Layering textiles and adding soft ambient
lighting creates an environment of rest and relaxation.
Bedrooms should always present as a hotel suite, open, airy and uncluttered.


We like to present the study as an open, airy room for both working and meeting using
comfortable looking furniture and artwork that is beautiful, but soft as not to distract.
A floor plant adds a little life to the room with a pop of green, a color representing
energy and growth.

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